3 Reasons Why the Rebels CHOSE Hoth

The iconic planet of Hoth was home to Echo Base, the short-lived hub of operations for the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the backdrop for the appropriately named Battle of Hoth, which saw the Galactic Empire score a victory against the retreating Rebels. Why did the Rebels choose the frigid planet as a base, and why were they found?

Here’s what you need to know.

Why did the Rebels Choose Hoth?

“Jan Dodonna was always planning for the future…he had preliminary scans for possible new rebel bases.”

“Gimme a look at that…Atanu, Jabone IV, Lonania Prime, Hoth, Mupin XII? Mupin XII? Really? Did he make that one up? What are these places?”

―Leia Organa and Han Solo discuss the potential locations for a Rebel base

As the embers of Rebellion burned brighter and brighter, the Alliance to Restore the Republic required more organisation than before and a central hub for personnel and resources. To this end, Rebel General Jan Dodonna compiled a list of possible locations for a suitable Rebel Base, with Leia Organa being tasked with scouting them out following the General’s death. 

While there isn’t much exposition into the selection process, Hoth was eventually chosen, and Echo Base was built over a two-year period

There are a few reasons that likely influenced the decision in Hoth’s favour, including:

  • Its Position in the Outer Rim
  • No Advanced Native Species 
  • The Inhospitable Nature of the Planet

#1 Its Position in the Outer Rim

The most obvious advantage of situating the rebel base on Hoth was its position as an Outer Rim planet. The Galactic Core was where most Imperial resources and all its most important players resided, meaning that the further a world was from the Core, the less power the Empire could directly hold over it. 

Hoth, 50,250 light years from the Core, was a solid choice to keep the Empire at arm’s length. 

#2 No Advanced Native Species 

Another advantage that Hoth provided was the lack of advanced indigenous species in the planet’s cold wastelands.

This meant that there was very little chance of betrayal from locals that might sympathise with the Empire or otherwise seek to protect themselves by giving up the location of the Rebel base. 

#3 The Inhospitable Nature of the Planet

Finally, Hoth’s inhospitable conditions were also beneficial to the Rebels, as what difficulties arose from the conditions were offset by making the planet that much more likely to be overlooked by Imperial scouts and observers, as it was a logistically bad choice for a base.

It is also possible that the Rebel leadership hoped that the harsh terrain would stop any organic imperial surveyors from making progress in tracking them down. 

How Did the Empire Find Echo Base?

Source: Wookieepedia

Despite the stellar choice of the Rebel Alliance, the Empire still managed to pinpoint their new hideout within the first month.

After an Imperial probe confirmed activity on the planet, the Rebels scrambled to evacuate the planet before being borne down upon by the Imperials. The ensuing battle was a major loss for the Alliance, leaving the planet to be scoured for salvage afterwards.


While the Rebellion might not have enjoyed Hoth’s icy hospitality for very long, the planet still managed to become one of the most iconic locales in the Star Wars universe, with good reason. 

In canon, the loss inflicted on the Rebels on Hoth went on to, in part, spur the desperate efforts of the decisive Battle of Endor. Additionally, the planet would see more action during the Iron Blockade conflict.

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